Monday Blues

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A Bit of Monday Motivation!

‘People keep slagging me off,’ said Monday.

‘Why?’ asked Tuesday, rousing from sleep.

‘Do you really need to ask?’ smirked Wednesday, ‘You’re no better.’

‘Oh, shut up, Wednesday,’ hissed Thursday, ‘people usually have the hump with you.’

‘None taken,’ hit back Wednesday, ‘Unlike some, at least I’m balanced.’

‘If only you could inject yourselves with a bit of me,’ boasted Friday, ‘and give them all that amazing feeling.’

‘Oh, get lost, Friday,’ barked Saturday, ‘you’ve got no stamina. At least Monday has a few Bank Holidays.’

‘Days, days,’ soothed Sunday. ‘You’re all awesome and full of possibilities and adventure.’

‘I didn’t think of that,’ chirped Monday. ‘Sunday, you’re a genius. Let’s go and get hammered.’

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