Poem – My Friend

You listen when I have something to say.

You care when things don’t go my way.

You mind when people taint my name,

and always feel my pain.


We share, we stick together like glue.

Sip wine and tell a tale or two…

We laugh so hard until we cry,

and shoot our dreams into the sky.


When you succeed I burst with pride,

and when you hurt, I ache inside.

When you’re in trouble, when your world is blurred,

I know before you’ve breathed a word.


And sometimes, when you’ve done wrong,

I steer your ship through the storm

You rant and curse but know I’m right

as I guide you gently to the light….

Because you know deep down inside,

I have your back; I’m on your side.

And that’s what friends are for. ❤️


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