A Coffee and a Chat with Audrey Fox from No Way Back

  1. Favourite drink? Ah, we’ve started off with my favourite question. I usually drink dry white wine, especially when I’m out with my friends Tina and Louise. But I’d say champagne is my favourite. We all love a glass or three of Veuve Clicquot.


  1. Last film you saw? I’m not much of a film lover but Nick, my ex, was a bit of a fanatic. His idea of fun was a Saturday night in with a takeaway, a few beers and something on Netflix. The last film I saw was with him – a thriller. Can’t remember what it was called now…erm…the book that was made into a film. Nicole Kidman was in it. I like her. Before I Go to Sleep. It was pretty good.


  1. Favourite food? Does M&S heated up food count? I’m not the best cook in the world. I’ve got Just Eat and Uber Eats on the home page of my iPhone.


  1. Last T.V. show you watched? Corrie. I’m a big fan. I never miss an episode and always record it if I’m out. Peter and Carlo, though ♥️. They remind me of me and Nick.


  1. Favourite colour? Red! It’s vibrant and passionate and daring.


  1. Are you in love? I’m not answering that!


  1. Last CD you listened to? I listen to playlists on Spotify these days. But the last CD I bought was Divide by Ed Sheeran. Went to see him live with Louise at Wembley. Jess, her daughter, wrangled two tickets for us from someone she knows from Uni. They weren’t cheap but definitely worth every penny. Ed reminds me a bit of Ronan, actually, Nick’s cousin and Tina’s ex. I don’t know why because he doesn’t really look like him. Maybe it’s the red hair and cheeky grin.


  1. Favourite time of day? Definitely not a morning person and can be a bit grouchy first thing. I tend to perk up early afternoon, which is the best time to contact me if you want anything doing. I’m a night owl, often staying up way past midnight, even on a weekday when I know I’ve got to be up for work at 6.


  1. Last country you visited? Cyprus. My parents love it there and rent a flat for weeks on end. I stayed with them recently. I wouldn’t say it was a holiday exactly. I was convalescing after being dumped by Nick. In fact, the less said about that trip the better. Next question.


  1. Favourite item of clothing? Do shoes count? I’ve got over two hundred pairs and my collection is growing. I’m a shoeaholic and have been known to spend an entire weeks’ salary on a pair. Designer, obvs.


  1. If you could own any car in the world, what would it be? I drive a VW Golf. I’m not crazy about cars, just as long as it’s reliable and gets me from A to B. But if money were no object then I think I’d go for one of the classics – a Mercedes 500 SL convertible would look pretty cool parked outside my flat on Dukes Avenue, Muswell Hill. In red!


NOW WAY BACK published on 21st September 2017 and republished by Bloodhound Books on 13th April 2021. You can download a copy here.


Here’s the blurb to whet your appetite:

Audrey Fox has been dumped by her unreliable fiancé Nick Byrne just days before the wedding. Heartbroken and confused, the last thing she expects when she jumps on a plane to convalesce in Cyprus is romance. But a chance meeting with handsome entrepreneur and father-of-one Daniel Taylor weaves her into a dating game she’s not sure she’s ready for. Audrey’s life is thrown into further turmoil when she discovers on her return to London that Nick has been involved in a serious motorcycle accident that’s left him in intensive care. Distraught yet determined to look to the future, Audrey must make a decision – follow her heart or listen to well-meaning advice from family and friends? Because sometimes, no matter what, it’s the people that we love who can hurt us the most.


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