The Cornish Connection by Amanda James


Nancy Cornish, a waitress in a Cornwall cafe, has a fascinating talent – she can see and talk to dead people and can object-read (delve into people’s past by holding an item that belongs to them.) Charlie, her DS husband, is dismissive of his wife’s psychic abilities. But then one day something extraordinary happens – she helps him solve a crime. Nancy quickly realises her vocation in life is to help people via her gift. So, to Charlie’s surprise and utter dismay, she hands in her notice at the local café and sets up as a PI – psychic investigator, working from her summerhouse in the garden.

The Cornish Connection by [Amanda James]

This novel delivered on all levels for me. I was looking for something different, something heartwarming yet exciting, and I found it right here.
Nancy, the narrator, hauled me in and kept me turning the pages eagerly. I thought the paranormal aspect of the story was beautifully executed. The characters are colourful and believable. The plot is mysterious and suspenseful, and the writing is excellent.

The Cornish Connection is an intriguing and beautifully composed tale, which held my attention from beginning to end. If you’re looking for a heartwarming read and bit of escapism, then this is the book for you. Can’t wait for the next instalment.

The Cornish Connection is available on kindle and in paperback from Amazon. And it’s on offer this week for just 99p!

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